Forever Day-1 Culture

There is so much stuff that has yet to be invented. There is so much new things that’s going to happen.

Hiigher, as an organization, is committed to forever Day 1, to combine the size and scale advantages of a big company, the speedy growth of a startup, and the continuous upgrade of organizational capabilities.

Why Day 1?

Day 2 is not an option.

There are some subtle traps that even we as a high-performing organization can fall into as a matter of course, and we will have to learn as an institution how to guard against them.

Day 2 is balanced along with some irrelevance, intense painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.

At Hiigher, people must think about how to improve continuously. You must tackle challenges such as: for the same thing, how to get it done with less, new things are to be done, etc.

Day by day, you will learn new things that will increase knowledge and hence get the best out of each of our employees. However, we still expect you to be as energetic as Day 1.

Hiigher has to improve continuously in everything it does, in everyone it has, and with accelerating speed and agility. In short, it’s always Day 1, no matter how big Hiigher gets in size.

High-velocity decision making

Indeed, not every decision needs to go to the top, wait for all the information, and require lengthy approvals and the agreement of all.

Killing Bureaucracy

There are lovers of bureaucracy, the C and D players. They can hide behind the bullet-proof shield of bureaucracy, and protect themselves from clarity, responsibility, or measurability. Without getting involved in complexities, bureaucracy can quickly encroach upon our entire organization, drive away top performers and, before we know it, get us on board the one-way express to Day 2.

We urge people and Hiigher to continuously challenge the status quo for better and more, ceaselessly seek new ideas, big and unique, relentlessly invent, experiment, start over, rinse, and repeat again and again.

Let’s explore together. Always remember: it is still Day 1.